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God's Not Dead

A Freshman in college is caught off guard by an atheist professor and rises to the challenge. A must see for all people who love Jesus.

God’s Not Dead

Marian Apparitions of the 20th Century

Marian Apparitions from around the world are examined and brought to light in this informative and exciting documentary.

Apparitions of the 20th Century

The Triumph

A true encounter of a young man with addictions who investigates a Marian Shrine to find the truth.

The Triumph

The Blood and the Rose

A stunning rendition of “Our Lady of Guadalupe” St. Juan Diego’s story with a historical background creates a full understanding of what happened almost 500 years ago.

The Blood & The Rose

Mary's Land

Extremely funny. The Devil’s advocate receives a mission to investigate people who still believe in Heaven’s formulas.

Mary’s Land DVD

Purgatory: The Forgotten Church

A gripping documentary that brings Purgatory out of the curious shadows and into our lives with experiences and interviews that will touch your heart.

Purgatory: The Forgotten Church

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