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March 28, 2020  9am-8pm CST


Experience a Faith Building Pilgrimage Today!

Travel with us to the holy sites around the world and experience God in a prayerful, energizing, life-changing way. We bring a Priest on every trip, we have Mass and recite the Rosary daily throughout the pilgrimage. With our 25 years of experience, you will enjoy a true spiritual pilgrimage! Come join us today!

Our Conference has been POSTPONED TO AUGUST 22-23, 2020 And is still at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Naperville, IL!!!

Mark your calendars! This year’s conference is now POSTPONED TO AUGUST 22-23, 2020. It will be a weekend filled with inspirational, dynamic speakers and so much more! Click here for further details and to sign up for a weekend you will not want to miss! CLICK HERE TO WIN A PILGRIMAGE AT OUR DRAWING!

The New Evangelization

Explore our full page of Evangelization links bringing you powerful Catholic related websites and other special information.

Teach Your Soul To Fly In 33 Days!

God loves you and God speaks to you!  The normal way God speaks is with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  To hear God more clearly, Mental prayer uses the three powers of the soul to encounter God.

God is doing amazing things around the world!

World Famous Passion Play Oberammergau, Germany Coming in 2020, VERY LIMITED TICKETS LEFT!! SIGN UP NOW!!!!!!

Sign up now for this once every 10 year event! The World Famous Passion Play in 2020! With so many options available our trips are filling up fast, so choose now and reserve your spot! Click image to see trip dates!

Pope Francis' Corner

Updated information, new videos, documents and insights to help understand the Vicar of Christ. 

NEW ARTICLES to help us understand how and why our Pope is being unjustly attacked!!

  1. Totally Yours helps people journey around the globe to experience the love of Jesus Christ through the love and help of Mary.
  2. We want the help, we need the help, we accept the help. Join us as our Lady takes us on both a physical and spiritual journey that brings us closer into the Sacred Heart of Her son Jesus.
  3. Totally Yours is faithful to all Church teachings and with regard to private revelations:
  4. We are obedient to Jesus Christ’s Church represented by the Pope and Magisterium united with him.
  5. We follow the Doctrines of Faith revealed by the Holy Spirit and confirmed by the Pope.
  6. We explore private revelations that help us live the Faith. (Catechism #67)
  7. We Listen to St. Paul’s instructions: “Do not despise prophesy. Test all things. Hold fast to what is good” (1 Thes 5:21-22)
  8. We are careful not to take for granted the credibility of any apparitions. As of this date, the new Vatican Commission has not made any official pronouncements                                                 as to the authenticity of the apparitions at Medjugorje. We await the Vatican’s official pronouncement to which we humbly submit.