Angels of the New Era: Teach Your Soul To Fly In 33 Days!
St. Ignatius of Loyola Spiritual Exercises Made Easy

Summary:  After a novena of trips (9) to Medjugorje, Father Francis Budovic SJ felt called to start a lay apostolate to teach mental prayer as a means to usher in the new springtime of the Church. He commissioned the founder of Totally Yours, Guy Murphy to make it simple. Mental prayer uses the three powers of the soul the Memory, Intellect, and Will to encounter God. The Angels of the New Era program invites people to learn how to meditate, so they can then teach others this gift. Start your prayer like this:

“Dear God, I beg You to please give me the grace, to speak to the three powers of my soul, so my Memory, my Intellect, and my Will, will be for the greater glory of God.”

In God’s time, the Holy Spirit will put a burning desire in your heart to welcome Him in and continue learning to fly!

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Angels of the New Era
Fall 2014 Guy Murphy - Angels of the New Era
Spring 2015 Conference: Guy Murphy-Angels of the New Era Part 2

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