Angels Of The New Era Meditation Testimonies:

God Speaks To People At The Angels Workshop. The Normal Way Uses The Memory, Intelect, And Will!

Highlights from our recent meditation workshop!

Testimonies From January 2020: “Birth of Jesus”

        Angel Meditation:         Holding Baby Jesus

     Angel Meditation:    Angels And The Nativity

     Angel Meditation:     The Journey Of Life

Angel Meditation: Traveling With The Holy Family

Angel Meditation: A Mans View Of The Nativity

     Angel Meditation:    Feeling The Presence Of God

     Angel Meditation:     Gentelman

     Angel Meditation:    The Real Presence Of Jesus

Testimonies From January 2019: “Visit of the Wisemen”

     Angel Meditation:    The Three Wise Men

     Angel Meditation:    Newborn Baby Jesus

     Angel Meditation:     Journey Of The Magi

Angel Meditation: A Servants View Of the Nativity