Totally Yours Statement Regarding The Alleged Cardinal Ruini Report About Medjugorje

As of March 2nd, 2020, the Holy Father has not released the Medjugorje Commission report.

The Vicar of Christ possesses sole authority over where and when to release the Medjugorje commission report. If the Pope has not released the commission report about Medjugorje, then there is no official report. Speculation and participation in spreading an unofficial report to the public is a serious sin.

That said, I want to encourage that everyone in the Medjugorje movement to read what the Holy Spirit revealed in the First Vatican Council about the Pope and his authority in the official document, (Pastor aeternus).

Vatican I made it very clear that to disrespect the Vicar of Christ’s office or undermine his authority is a very serious sin. Remember the great battle is between the Woman Clothed with the sun with the crown of twelve stars on her head, with her child, and with St. Michael the archangel and the woman’s seed against the red dragon, the old serpent, the devil (Revelations 12). We want to help our Lady with the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart in the world.

When we fail to wait on the Holy Father’s official stance, we can fall into the danger that it could be a false report. For instance, it is possible that a Marxist Atheist version could be released by Secret Societies that are hostile toward Jesus Christ and His Church in order to divide and conquer the Medjugorje movement by attacking some of the visionaries. The fact is we do not know, which makes it very important to follow the proper authorities when it comes to official documents. 

After communism collapsed in 1989, many documents were found that showed that the Marxist Atheist groups were circulating false reports about people involved in Medjugorje. These documents were being circulated to try and divide and conquer Medjugorje. Satan is the “Father of Lies”, he will use his old tricks.

Personally, I have been to Medjugorje over 90 times. I have been very close to Mirjana Soldo, Ivan Dragicevic and Maria Pavlovic during their alleged apparitions. In my opinion there is no doubt that they are real and telling the truth.

Be not afraid! We know that, if the Vatican had any doubts about the authenticity of the current apparitions, all they would have to do is have the scientist retest the visionaries during their ongoing apparitions. In each step of our journey let us ask; “Mother Mary, how do you want me to serve Jesus today?” She calls the world in little steps to strive for daily mass, fasting, monthly confession, daily prayer of the Rosary with the heart, daily reading the Bible. As we strive for Her discipline to be Her apostles, She can use each and every one of us to bring The Triumph of Her the Immaculate Heart into the world.

Yes, you can officially go to Medjugorje, Listen to the message, Mediate upon the message, Live the message, and Share the message and be a missionary disciple as Our Lady’s apostle of love, but please do not disrespect the office of Jesus Vicar by spreading “Leaked Vatican Documents”.

As we follow Our Lady’s lead to bring us into the Sacred Heart of Jesus, one day we hope to hear Her say, “Thank you for responding to My call.”

Happy Lent.

Guy Murphy
President Totally Yours Co.

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