23B15 Lunches

On October 5th and 6th while we are in Lourdes we have the option of lunch at the hotels for a great deal of $10 each day.

On October 7th we will be traveling from Loyola to Garabandal and will not have many lunch options while driving, you can get a box lunch for $10.

On October 8th while we are in Garabandal there are not many lunch options in town,
you can have lunch at the hotel for $15.

We strongly recommend you pre-purchase these lunches as the option might not be available if you wait. Please pay using the PayPal link.
We need to know by September 14 in order to reserve the lunches.

Oct. 5 Lourdes Hotel                       = $10

Oct. 6 Lourdes Hotel                       = $10

Oct. 7 box lunch for travel             = $10

Oct. 8 in Garabandal                       = $15

All Lunches                                       = $45 

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