DVD's from our past conferences are available here for a faith boost at home!!! See the list below to select a full conference set or any individual speakers.

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Conference DVD Archives
Totally Yours brings speakers and visionaries from around the world to the Chicagoland area so that people can experience Jesus Christ's love through the help of Mary near their homes.
Past Conferences
2013 Conferences Featuring: "Dana" Scallon and David Parks
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2012 Conferences Featuring: Msgr. Matthew Malnar and Gloria Polo
2010 Conferences Featuring: Fr. Rick Wendell and Fr. John Hampsch
2009 Conferences Featuring: Mirjana Soldo and Ivanka Ivankovic-Elez
2011 Conferences Featuring: Fr. Aniello Salicone and Dawn Kinsman
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2014 Conferences Featuring: Dr. Scott Hahn and Fr. Bill Kiel
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2015 Conferences Featuring: Fr. Mitch Pacwa and Drew Mariani
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2016 Spring Conference Featuring: Fr. Mike Grzesik